Holy Week

Here we are at the beginning of Holy Week, and close to the end of our Lenten season. We have been building up to this very important week. Throughout the whole world, there will be processions, celebrations of the Way of the Cross, Passion Plays, and all types of public expressions of faith, because the Passion and Death of Jesus is the focus of our faith, a LOVE FEAST that never finished, that continues on and on. We read the Passion of Jesus today, and again on Good Friday, and since it is the culmination of the four Gospels, along with the Resurrection, there is a special message to all of us who follow Jesus. In the readings today Jesus is portrayed as humble, not grasping equality with

Serve Others

At your service.” or “I am here to serve you.” are everyday expressions we use in our daily living almost automatically, since we have received an education about the great value for service and dedication to others. Sometimes they come without thinking; but if we reflect on it, we notice the deep meaning they have. Jesus came to our world TO SERVE, not to be served; he came to BE A BRIDGE between God and humanity. Normally a bridge is to be walked on by those using it, i.e. to be trodden. It does the service of allowing access to God. It is a difficult work, requiring that we forget ourselves to make access easier. If we are in the way and fail to step aside, it could be that people would n


Today the readings speak of a new and different life that is infinitely better than the one left behind. Our Hispanic immigrant members could probably speak of this in detail, but also with a sense of loss of what was left behind...home, family, friends. The question is: “ How can we be reborn?” Life of the “spirit” is about a new creation, where equality and justice for ALL of God’s children can be attained. It is about a new life in Christ, which frees us by his cross and resurrection of everything that binds us or holds us down. It is about being new people who live facing God and not ourselves, or what we have. It is about a life that has much more joy in Christ, who has come so that we

Lenten Renewal

The season of Lent provides us with a privileged opportunity to renew ourselves in our faith in Jesus Christ. Yet, the faith we have received is given to us not simply as a gift for ourselves, but as a gift for others. Our faith grows in proportion to our willingness to give it away, and there are many who right now are in desperate need of the gift of faith. We've all heard the dire statistics about attrition in the pews and the rise of the "nones" - those who claim NO religious affiliation. We, the baptized faithful, need to evangelize - or spread the Good News - in new and innovative ways to meet the challenges of the ever-changing Church. This is what our Bishop is calling us to when he

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