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I believe one of the most familiar Gospel passages we know is this weekend’s from John’s Gospel, the miracle of the feeding of five thousand. (Mark also has mentioned this story). John’s rendition gives us some details to a deeper meaning of this miracle, drawing attention to symbolism that foreshadows the Eucharist. I see a direct correlation with us being “missionary disciples”, and reaching out to those who have less resources than we have that was mentioned last week. What we are presented with is the promise of abundance from God. It is a call to a generosity that, undoubtedly, will bear fruit. It is a matter of trusting, despite all appearances of scarcity, in the abundant act of a lov

Helping others

We have been invited by Jesus to share our faith with others in our own families, work-places, in our own worlds. This is one way to be a faithful follower, to be a true “missionary disciple”, as Bishop Ricken has invited us over the past years. Recently as an insert in the bulletin we all receive an invitation /notice about another container awaiting our contributions to reach out to the people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Jim Fitzgerald is again coordinating this effort. It will be loaded up in August. Here is ONE CONCRETE WAY that we, too, can be a missionary by contributing in some way to reach out to those with so much less than we have. If you are too busy to buy some of the su

Anointing of the Sick

In today’s Gospel, Jesus sends out the Apostles in pairs to share in his ministry of preaching and healing. Called to “preach repentance,” they have no visible means of support, but God’s grace was with them as they “drove out demons and they anointed with oil many who were sick, and cured them.” This is the first of two places in the New Testament where healing occurs in relation to anointing with oil. It is also mentioned in the Letter of James. (5:13) Today the Church continues this instruction in the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. When someone is seriously ill, or is facing some surgery/procedure that is serious, we are invited to receive this sacrament of the Anointing from a p


I am certain you all have heard, or maybe even said yourself at one time, “No one understands me.” Sometimes we feel misunderstood. Young people often have this complaint. It is impossible to go inside another person and understand his or her feelings, motivations and dreams. So the loneliness of being misunderstood can be very painful. Feeling misunderstood or the fear of being judged can paralyze people. They might do great things, but they don’t feel others fully believe in them, and so they lose confidence, and cannot do anything any longer. This can happen in our homes, in our families. We are so familiar with those around us that sometimes we do not see all of their potential. Not fee

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