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In The Joy of the Gospel document of Pope Francis, he explains that those who have faith in Christ will offer themselves to the service of others, and will participate in a faith community, and seek to reconcile others. The Pope states” “True faith in the “incarnate” (God’s Son took on human flesh. We refer to Jesus’ birth as the Incarnation) Son of God is inseparable from self-giving, from membership in the community or from service.” We see a model of that life to others in Paul’s account to the people of Corinth in the 2nd reading today. He tells the followers there that he has an obligation to preach the Gospel as a disciple of Christ. He portrays his life as one of service to the Gospel. We see in that reading that Paul’s encounter with Christ focused his life on spreading the Gospel message. He knew he had an obligation to do so, and that as he preached, he would have a share in the Gospel, Good News.

In the Gospel today we see Jesus raising Peter’s mother-in-law from her sickbed, healing the crowds who came to the door later that evening, and then rising early the next day to pray. Jesus freed the people from what kept them from wholeness; his grace set them free.

Our Bishops invite us to dedicate ourselves to the liberation of people even in their present existence in this world. They urge us to share the Christian message of love and justice through action. That is how we make known to others that we take Jesus’ message seriously, and they can believe in that Good News. May we ask ourselves. DO I LIVE OUT THE GOSPEL IN MY OWN LIFE IN A CONCRETE WAY?

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