Lenten Renewal

The season of Lent provides us with a privileged opportunity to renew ourselves in our faith in Jesus Christ. Yet, the faith we have received is given to us not simply as a gift for ourselves, but as a gift for others. Our faith grows in proportion to our willingness to give it away, and there are many who right now are in desperate need of the gift of faith.

We've all heard the dire statistics about attrition in the pews and the rise of the "nones" - those who claim NO religious affiliation. We, the baptized faithful, need to evangelize - or spread the Good News - in new and innovative ways to meet the challenges of the ever-changing Church. This is what our Bishop is calling us to when he speaks of “missionary disciples.” We are to be the ones who share our gift of faith by the way we live and give example to others. One of our saints said: “Fasting of the body is food for the soul. Maybe doing some fasting this Lent can help us to improve our witness to one another.

--Refraining from negative or hopeless comments; try saying things in a positive way.

---Avoiding TV or movies with negative messages or dialogue.

---Give away items that are burdening you with clutter and distraction.

---Trade the time you spend on screens to connecting with family and friends.

---Skip buying treats or desserts to share their cost with our Honduran Lenten Project.

God blesses you each time that you bring hope to all with whom you live and work, and God brings peace and joy to your soul, too.

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