Today the readings speak of a new and different life that is infinitely better than the one left behind. Our Hispanic immigrant members could probably speak of this in detail, but also with a sense of loss of what was left behind...home, family, friends.

The question is: “ How can we be reborn?” Life of the “spirit” is about a new creation, where equality and justice for ALL of God’s children can be attained. It is about a new life in Christ, which frees us by his cross and resurrection of everything that binds us or holds us down. It is about being new people who live facing God and not ourselves, or what we have. It is about a life that has much more joy in Christ, who has come so that we may have life and life in abundance. It is about change which is always a challenge for us.

So this Lent let us remember that we are really on a spiritual migration. This is a kind of internal migration. We are invited to a journey of liberation: from selfishness to generosity, from addictions to freedom, from lies to truth, from lack of justice to justice with ourselves and those around us, from lack of responsibility in our job and family to responsibility for the common good, from envy to the recognition of all the blessings we have and appreciation, from solitude to a sense of community, AND from sadness to joy for the new life we are offered in Jesus. Look at the crucifix intently, and recall that it is great LOVE that made this possible, and that frees us to be reborn again for others.

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