Serve Others

At your service.” or “I am here to serve you.” are everyday expressions we use in our daily living almost automatically, since we have received an education about the great value for service and dedication to others. Sometimes they come without thinking; but if we reflect on it, we notice the deep meaning they have.

Jesus came to our world TO SERVE, not to be served; he came to BE A BRIDGE between God and humanity. Normally a bridge is to be walked on by those using it, i.e. to be trodden. It does the service of allowing access to God. It is a difficult work, requiring that we forget ourselves to make access easier. If we are in the way and fail to step aside, it could be that people would not reach God. We might be an obstacle.

Those of us who follow Jesus Christ also make an offering of ourselves, and in so doing, we commit ourselves to a LIFE OF SERVICE, not because we are submissive to others, but to seek the good of all, and so that everyone may have access to the life of God. Thus, we will be bridges in our families and communities, and between cultures and convictions.

Lent invites us to be a bit more closely connected to Jesus. Like the grain of wheat that dies to give forth good fruit, we are asked to “die” a bit more to ourselves, to our selfishness. These small deaths we suffer each day for the benefit of others can produce good fruit when joined with the sacrifice of Jesus. We may not always feel appreciated for sacrificing, or there may be a lack of response from others, but we know well that mercy is stronger than resentment. God loves without any conditions, and so should we. What we receive for free, we must therefore give for free. One day we will see the fruit this brings into life around us.


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