Holy Week

Here we are at the beginning of Holy Week, and close to the end of our Lenten season. We have been building up to this very important week. Throughout the whole world, there will be processions, celebrations of the Way of the Cross, Passion Plays, and all types of public expressions of faith, because the Passion and Death of Jesus is the focus of our faith, a LOVE FEAST that never finished, that continues on and on. We read the Passion of Jesus today, and again on Good Friday, and since it is the culmination of the four Gospels, along with the Resurrection, there is a special message to all of us who follow Jesus.

In the readings today Jesus is portrayed as humble, not grasping equality with God (which would have been easy for him), but obedient to his Father’s will. The Second reading is known as the “Christ Hymn.” It clearly follows the pattern of humiliation leading to being exalted. Be- cause Jesus was willing to become like a servant and even give himself over to death, God exalted him and made him Lord over all creation.

Please take some time this week to entire more fully into the wonderful reality of the God’s great love for YOU. Even if your job does not allow you to take time off to attend services, plan for some quiet moments of prayer and reflection in your day when you can put God first, to reflect on the miracle of God’s love for you , even unto death! Holy Week is set aside for us to be better aware of that real love, and respond to it. You will find that God’s grace, that is, his blessings, will make a difference in your life, if you allow. Then we will be ready to celebrate NEW LIFE again on the Easter feast. Open your heart, friends, and God will enter with GUSTO!

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