May the Blessings of this Easter Sunday bring joy and peace to each of you and your families. This is what we longed for all of the Lenten season, a promise of new life and hope in our eternal destiny with God forever. We can be assured that we have a place in the life hereafter. Jesus’s death and resurrection have won it for each of us.

When someone dear to us dies, it seems as if for days and weeks, or more, we are going around without reacting, without having understood well what has happened, and without grasping the finality of death. This is how it may have felt to the disciples and even to Mary Magdalene during those first few days following the death of Jesus. Then, not finding the body added another pain because they could not conclude the events. Sometimes it can be hard for us to resign ourselves to death and endings.

With Jesus things are different. The experience of the Risen Jesus tells us that, everything we have lived with Him has been so that the seed would die and give life; it has changed our lives. What does it mean TO DIE SO AS TO LIVE?

Each one of us has his or her own list of the forces of death in ourselves; laziness, anger issues, selfishness, addictions to something that prevents us from being our better selves, etc. We are invited to die to these, so we may more fully live.

We are invited at Easter to rise to a new life. Jesus can overcome in us all that binds us, and He can be our source of new Life. May we find it in the Risen Lord. ALLELUIA, ALLELUIA!

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