Most of us will easily identify with our patron, St Thomas, of whom we hear about this weekend. We would have probably “doubted” that Jesus resurrected, because death is death, and no one returns from it as if nothing had happened. It simply was and IS not easy to believe in the resurrection. Besides, it is such good news and we are more accustomed to receive and accept bad news, and not good news.

So what then does it mean to believe in the Resurrection? It means to already live in the permanent hope, to be thrilled and longing for the future, for the life after this earthly one. Belief in the Resurrection implies to fight to make it a reality, from now on, to live to reach that life hereafter. There are persons who consider that people who believe we will all rise one day are living in an unreal world. Not so! When Jesus appeared to Thomas, Thomas makes a profession of faith that goes beyond just recognizing Jesus; he also confesses Jesus’s divinity. Eternal life is a reality because it is a gift to us directly from God, our loving Creator and Redeemer.

Jesus said to Thomas: “Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.” Blessed, to, are those who see the wounds of Jesus in the suffering of others and lend themselves to reach out to them and serve them. Blessed are those who trust in the community of believers, which is where faith is born and grows. May our Easter season be filled with those blessings, and may we share them generously.

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