Easter Celebration Continues

We continue our Easter celebration this week with Jesus appearing to a group of his disciples, and they are afraid, thinking they are seeing a ghost. Previously they have heard from various people who had seen Jesus, but that did not help them believe it was truly Jesus. Jesus shows them his scars from the nails, and he shares a meal with them, and then he explains the Scriptures. They finally recognize him “in the breaking of the bread,” i.e. in the Eucharist.

We, too, often have the same problem. We can be close- minded; we do not understand some of the truths of our faith; we get caught up in abstract ideas, rather than the reality of Jesus’s love for us. What we need to realize is that in the faces and lives of our brothers and sisters in community, Christ Himself walks close to us. Jesus makes himself present in everything and in everyone that is life in our surroundings; everything that is human with its joys and hopes. Jesus makes himself present in those who ask for something to eat, in those who allow us to touch their woundedness, and in those who offer us hope.

As we come to know Jesus better when we gather for the Mass to listen to his Word to us and to receive him in the Eucharist, we begin to grasp the true gift that our faith is. We are then invited to become witnesses and proclaim the Good News of hope to all. When we are Easter People, bringing the signs of joy and hope to others, then we are authentic messengers of Jesus. Let us strive to bring “good news” to all in our lives who so desperately need it.

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