Today is the feast of Pentecost. This feast is one of the most important next to Christmas and Easter, because it commemorates the sending of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles for the first time, to inspirit them with courage and energy to go out and “make disciples of all nations”, just as Jesus had commanded them to do. They needed the infusion of the Spirit to put aside their fears and doubts about Jesus, and they claimed their mission to spread the Good News. It was from this moment on that Jesus’ message was proclaimed boldly to all the world, first by the Apostles, who with the freedom of the Spirit, went forth to share Jesus message, and then later by those whom they taught, the primitive church formed according to Jesus’ teachings.

We celebrate the coming of the Spirit into our lives first, at our Baptism, and again and again as we celebrate the other sacraments, especially Eucharist and Confirmation. This same spirit of liberation comes to us in a new way of living: in joy, peace, patience, kindness toward others, generosity, wisdom, and strength in adversity. If you ever wonder if you are living your faith as you are called, stop and examine yourself to see if these fruits/virtues are evident in your daily living. Maybe we are not as free as we think to share those signs of the Spirit? But we can pray on this Pentecost that the Holy Spirit will bless us anew with that freedom to do the right thing and to make a difference in the lives of others. Then we will confess our faith and follow the Christ we know in our practical living. COME, HOLY SPIRIT, COME!

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