Feast of the Body & Blood of Jesus

We celebrate the Feast of the Body and Blood of Jesus today, in times past CORPUS CHRISTI. We remember the greatest gift that Jesus has left us. When we gather each Sunday in His name, as brothers and sisters, to share a meal, just as he taught us, we become what we eat. The bread and wine that we share are the Body and Blood of Jesus. When we eat it, we become the Body of Christ today. In past times, these are the words that were said when sharing the Eucharist: “Receive what you are. Become what you receive.”

We are reminded today that God offers us a new sacred contract, or alliance, one different from the Old Testament covenant. Then God asked the Jewish people to live according to the commandments, and He would remain faithful to them. It was sealed with a sacrifice of an animal, to show that it was a sacred agreement.

Today we do not offer animal sacrifices, but the sacrifice is Jesus Himself, who gave his body and blood on the cross. What is our part to do? We must REMEMBER. We must recall who Jesus is, his words and actions, and the great sacrifice of his life. When we do this, we receive strength and nourishment to live according to God’s will, so that we might have life and have it to the full. In the meal we share (the Mass), we remember the teachings of Jesus, his words, and commit ourselves to forgiving one another. And the food we share is the Eucharist.

Some good questions for us are: DO WE COME TO SIMPLY HEAR THE MASS? DO WE COME TO OBSERVE BECAUSE IT IS AN OBLIGATION? OR DO WE PARTICIPATE AS FULLY AS POSSIBLE AND RECOMMIT OURSELVES TO GOD AND EACH OTHER? When we do the latter, we fulfill our part of the New Alliance, and Jesus gives us his own life and strength to be faithful.

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