Act of Kindness

It is real easy to think today and say “THINGS ARE GOING FROM BAD TO WORSE.” We hear of shootings, drugs, human trafficking, and brutality to one another. Our efforts seem so small, and the world’s problems so big. And on occasion we wonder how God can allow so much pain, suffering and injustice in so many lives. But there is hope. This is the season of planting!

Maybe the parable of the mustard seed in today’s Gospel can remind us that we are perhaps looking in the wrong place. The Reign of God will not be found in the media headlines. When we look for signs of hope, signs of a world that can be transformed into the kind of place that God wants, we need to look at the whole picture. It is in the small things of life where the seeds of the Reign of God are planted.

The truth is that no act of faith, hope, or love is too small. Every act of kindness is seed for God’s Reign. We may not always see the results of our efforts, and we still see the bigger problems of our world, but Jesus assures us that none of our efforts will be in vain. The seeds we plant today will grow until one day all of them will gather in a new world of justice and love that we have been promised.

But we ask: “How can a small act of kindness transform a world that seems so violent now?” St. Paul reminds us that while we live in the world, we can only see by faith. Some day we will see things as they really are. As seed, Jesus was buried, but his death gave us the fruit of salvation and the Resurrection. So every seed of justice and love that we plant will help conquer the powers of darkness and, by the grace of God, it will grow in the Kingdom.


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