Becoming one of us

Envy is a deep human feeling that can lead to competition, to try and climb over others, and to a lack of gratitude. It often seems well- rooted in the heart of a person. If you think of the original sin of our first parents, Adam and Eve, they seemed to have wanted the same knowledge as God. They could not accept the fact that someone could have more than they did.

In today’s second reading we have the opposite of envy. Jesus wants to have the poverty, the pain, and the sickness of human beings and faces death. The opposite of envy is the SOLIDARITY of Christ, who becomes one of us and inclines to help those who suffer and are the neediest. Would we do that same thing?

In the Gospel today Jairus and the woman approached Jesus seeking compassion, even if it was a violation of the law. Jairus was an official of the synagogue, so he risked criticism from the others. However, he throws himself before Jesus, pleading for the life of his daughter. The woman, because she was impure with a physical condition, should not encounter Jesus. But she touches his garment in hopes of a cure. Their risky actions were acts of faith. They believed that Jesus could cure them. And so Jesus cures the woman and raises Jairus’ daughter from the dead.

Jesus is there for EVERYONE. His position is not one of power or strength above all others. He became poor to be with the poor. And this is the opposite of envy. While envy desires power and wealth, Jesus places himself in the weakness and poverty of others. The true light of God shines from there. How can we be in solidarity with those who have less than us? How can we care more about all who have less than we have? Can we follow Jesus in this way? It is a choice, and not an easy one!

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