I am certain you all have heard, or maybe even said yourself at one time, “No one understands me.” Sometimes we feel misunderstood. Young people often have this complaint. It is impossible to go inside another person and understand his or her feelings, motivations and dreams. So the loneliness of being misunderstood can be very painful.

Feeling misunderstood or the fear of being judged can paralyze people. They might do great things, but they don’t feel others fully believe in them, and so they lose confidence, and cannot do anything any longer.

This can happen in our homes, in our families. We are so familiar with those around us that sometimes we do not see all of their potential. Not feeling recognized precisely by the people who matter most to them can stifle abilities. All the good someone can do remains undone, untapped; and they feel lonely and isolated, and this, in turn, sets persons up for failure.

This happened to Jesus. He could not work miracles in his own hometown because, since he was so well known, people did not believe in him. They did not believe he could be more than what his father was. For any good work two things are needed: the capacity of the one who does it and the belief of those around him/her; otherwise, nothing is achieved, no matter how great the feat is. If they don’t believe, they cannot see it.

If we believe in one another, no matter how close we are, we could see extraordinary things. Everyone would feel impelled and encouraged to give the best of themselves with trust and faith. Let’s recognize one another’s gifts.

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