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We have been invited by Jesus to share our faith with others in our own families, work-places, in our own worlds. This is one way to be a faithful follower, to be a true “missionary disciple”, as Bishop Ricken has invited us over the past years.

Recently as an insert in the bulletin we all receive an invitation /notice about another container awaiting our contributions to reach out to the people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Jim Fitzgerald is again coordinating this effort. It will be loaded up in August. Here is ONE CONCRETE WAY that we, too, can be a missionary by contributing in some way to reach out to those with so much less than we have. If you are too busy to buy some of the suggested items (please especially note the GREATEST NEEDS items), maybe we would consider making a monetary donation, so that some of those items can be purchased and sent in the container. It is one way to show our gratefulness for all that we are blessed with, by sharing just a bit with so many who struggle to live with dignity. Sometimes we so easily take for granted our blessings. Why not consider this one way to be more aware and share?

I would further challenge you in considering a gift to those who are in need, to sacrifice something you like/enjoy in order to give more freely. We can better be in solidarity with others when we realize a little more what it is to do without, even if it is voluntary on our part. Let us try to bridge the divide that often convinces us, who are secure and comfort- able, that all is well, while the poor have little hope for change.

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