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I believe one of the most familiar Gospel passages we know is this weekend’s from John’s Gospel, the miracle of the feeding of five thousand. (Mark also has mentioned this story). John’s rendition gives us some details to a deeper meaning of this miracle, drawing attention to symbolism that foreshadows the Eucharist. I see a direct correlation with us being “missionary disciples”, and reaching out to those who have less resources than we have that was mentioned last week.

What we are presented with is the promise of abundance from God. It is a call to a generosity that, undoubtedly, will bear fruit. It is a matter of trusting, despite all appearances of scarcity, in the abundant act of a loving God. At the suggestion of sending the people home to eat, Jesus responds by asking the disciples to feed the multitude. When sharing the little they had, everyone ate and yet there were still leftovers. The reaction of the thousands was to recognize Jesus as the one sent by God.

I hear sometimes from individuals that they have little to share (limited resources, age-related limitations, etc.). Perhaps the talents we have, the gifts we could share with the community do not seem like much or might even be thought of as insignificant. But when we place what we have, little or much, into the hands of God, it is transformed, and made into abundance for all. The thing is to start giving of what we have and are. The rest is done by the blessing and thanksgiving of Jesus himself. His bread, his Body is enough for everyone and is shared by all.

Let’s see how generous we might be. So many brothers and sisters are waiting for our help.

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