Feast of the Holy Family

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family. In the Gospel we hear Jesus declaring his mission: doing the will of His Father in heaven.

Often times in families today a difficult moment comes to parents when they need to let their children make their own decisions and follow their own paths. For our immigrants in a country that is not of their origin, this is often complicated when children move away from the values and traditions we may want to share with them. We need to make a balance between overprotecting them and allowing them to be their own selves.

This is not easy because sometimes parents, wanting what is best for their children, make decisions on plans for the future that are not God’s will for them. It is difficult to help them see where God might be calling them if it does not coincide with what parents dreamed for them. Mary and Joseph had to do the same in Jesus’s life. Jesus simply tells us what to expect from our own children: “I was tending to God’s things.” Only this way will they be truly happy and find full life; then, we will know that the family had fulfilled its purpose of going to God in unity of faith, love and service.

Let us pray that we all can respect our children’s vocation, their true CALLING FROM GOD, even when it may not be our own dream. Let us encourage our children to be generous with their lives, serving others as best they can.

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