Merry Christmas

A blessed Christmas to each of you and your families. May the true spirit of this season of love and joy be real in your lives, and may all the sharing you do with loved ones give you happy memories to last throughout the New Year, too.

Isn’t it true that when someone is waited for with great expectation, the actual arrival is very exciting? Maybe this season you are welcoming a family member or friend from afar, or you will be seeing someone you have not for a long time this Christmas time. Preparations may sometimes be tiresome and even over-whelming, but the arrival makes you forget all that effort.

The Incarnation of the Word of God, Jesus becoming human, is the greatest event in human history. We can easily forget what we are truly celebrating because we are completely exhausted by the preparations and cannot enjoy the most important event.

When the Word sets its tent among us, it means that the living, real, and active presence of God will be with us forever and in a new way each day. We can no longer live as if nothing had happened. Now we can live as children of God. We cannot continue looking at the world and its injustices as if we are unable to do anything, because with the strength of Christ, we can be the good news of hope for others. Christmas is the event that forever changes our lives. Let us live it in the best possible way.

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