Steps to having your child baptized:

1. Call the office to schedule the date you would like to have baptism. 

   (You may refer to the Baptismal Form for information

that will be needed when you call)

Baptismal Form

2. If this is your first child you will need baptismal prep. Mary Bonde takes care of the prep and she will do it on the first MONDAY of every month at 6pm. That will take place at St. Thomas the Apostle. Make sure you call Mary to set up a month that you would like to have it done.

Mary Bonde- 920-901-9237

3. If you would like to bring in or email a photo of your child then we will gladly put it up on our welcoming board.

4. There is a $10 baptismal fee- you may drop it off in the office, give to Mary during prep or give it to the priest.

5. If you have any questions you may send a message to me by e-mail or in the contact box below.

Sara Wilke


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