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OTIS is a group of young adults eager to serve.  OTIS began going on Mission Trips in 2002 and continues to grow.
Many youth in the group, do choose to go on Mission Trip, however it is not required.  Youth participate in local activities, service projects, and fundraisers.


Did you know the OTIS Youth that participated in the Mission Trips made an impact on 10 different work sites?  These work sites included Youth Programs, Nursing Homes, Homeless Shelters, Food Pantries, Community Gardens, Salvation Army, and a Food Warehouse.  St. Thomas the Apostle can be proud of these youth.  They worked hard and served many people in need!!!  Great Job!!!!



St. Thomas the Apostle OTIS Youth Group “Did You Know?”

Did you know that in 2015 more people were killed from injuries caused in taking a selfie than by shark attacks?


Upcoming OTIS Events Calendar

Information regarding the Mission Trips for 2020



I am sorry to have to announce, but Mission Trips 2020 have officially been canceled. Both Trips, Quad Cities and Leech Lake, are canceled.


Given the state of our society, I doubt that this comes as too much of a surprise to most of you, but none the less it is heartbreaking news.

OTIS will lose some money because of this cancellation, but overall, YouthWorks was very generous in adapting their cancellation policy.  


That being said, OTIS does plan to refund all deposits made towards the trips 100%.  If you have paid your $100 down payment that will be returned to you.  If you have paid the payout in full, that will be returned as well.  Some have turned in paperwork without payment so there will be no reimbursement made to you.  As for the timeline of your money being refunded to you, we ask that you please be patient. These checks may not be written for a couple months.


If any family feels so inclined to donate their Mission Trip money towards what OTIS is losing in the cancellation fees we would appreciate that donation, but it is absolutely up to your family to make that decision.  We know every family has other things that need financial attention during these unsettling times as well.


I would be happy to discuss questions or concerns anyone may have regarding this announcement of Mission Trips being canceled and I can be reached by

e-mail here or by phone or text at 920-286-2651.  My door is always "open"!


Lord Jesus, I ask for prayers on these youth affected by the loss of their Mission Trip and trust that you will guide them in new and innovative ways to follow you.  We ask for strength in the days and weeks ahead as we look forward to a time when we are all reunited in community.  In your name we pray, Amen.


Love and Hugs to All - Barb

Barb Dehne



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