Greetings from Sister Marlita/Saludos de Sister Marlita

With all the changes in our connecting the past month since March 15, I never had a chance to say something more to all of you about Bishop Ricken declaring on March 19, 2020, on the feast day of St. Joseph, a Year of St. Joseph. It is a year of prayer to St. Joseph in our Diocese for all of us. Please visit, if you can, to read Bishop’s pastoral letter, as well as additional information and resources about how to live out this year in your families and households. We will also make some of those available to all once we get back together, for those who do not have computer connections. In the meantime, the Shrine of St. Joseph at Old St. Joseph Church at St. Norbert

Greetings from Sister Marlita/ Saludos de Sister Marlita

On Wednesday this past week, I shared the words/ melody to a song I wrote many moons ago, and even though some of you are not able to connect with that reflection on our website or Facebook, I want to share the Easter message that is so important for us to reiterate again and again and again. EASTER is not for a day, it is FOREVER. ”The tomb is empty, but our hearts are filled with joy, and this joy no one can end or destroy; for the Lord is truly risen on the third day, as He said, ALLELUIA, Christ is Risen from the dead.” Friends, these days of sheltering at home and being a bit more isolated can sometimes work on us to forget that important truth. Our salvation was won by the death of Jes

Greetings From Sister Marlita / Saludos de Sister Marlita

There are many different take -aways from our being “sheltered inside” these past weeks. Some can turn us to complaining, or being negative about all that is taking place. There are certainly enough negatives floating around in our reality. Recently I listened to a reflection of Bishop Robert Barron (Los Angeles) whom many of you may know from He was quick to agree that this pandemic can cause depression and discouragement, but he offered a positive question that is worth some moments of pondering, I believe. WHAT OPPORTUNITIES FOR LOVE HAVE OPENED UP FOR US BECAUSE OF THE CORONA VIRUS? Have we taken time to reach out to others around us whom we may have otherwise forgotten (

Greetings From Sister Marlita / Saludos de Sister Marlita

Special Easter blessings to each of you. Our hope for new life again is in all of our hearts. Have you ever seen a droopy looking plant or vase of fresh flowers revived after fresh water was added? It literally happened to a peace plant in my office after last weekend. I could not believe how quickly what seemed “dead” came back to life after a source of energy was given it. To me such an example is a good reminder that Easter is ALWAYS around us, even when we might think all is lost or there is little hope. I read a reflection lately that reminded us that Jesus, indeed, defeated death for us by dying for our sins, and three days later, by rising again to new life. Since then, we have Easter

Greetings From Sister Marlita/Saludos de Sister Marlita

Our celebration of Palm Sunday this year is certainly a bit different from previous year’s celebrations. NO public blessing of the Palms (we do have some new palms that Fr. Dave has blessed); NO procession into Church with those palms like the crowd did when they welcomed Jesus to Jerusalem as king; NO reading of the Passion of Jesus together, reminding us of the tremendous sacrifice that Jesus made for us, so that we can enjoy eternal happiness for all eternity. BUT… In the spirit of Palm Sunday, we can recall that today Jesus comes, not riding on a donkey to enter Jerusalem, but instead he wants to COME INTO OUR HEARTS. We may be a bit troubled and anxious these days, and maybe even fearfu

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