Greetings From Sister Marlita/Saludos de Sister Marlita

It is a NEW month, a NEW liturgical season, and maybe a “NEW us” as we enter into the Advent today in preparation for Christmas. It is a time of waiting, true, but especially a time to prepare our hearts and spirits to receive Jesus anew into our lives. Waiting, even for good things, might not be always pleasant. We can feel impatient when we wait, especially if we do not know when things might occur. But waiting has its advantages: it makes us reflect deeply; it deepens the desire for something to happen; it makes us reexamine relationships and motivations for our wait; and it forces us to prepare. And as we prepare for Christ, love is likely to grow. Love grows with waiting. When we are as

Greetings From Sister Marlita/Saludos de Sister Marlita

There is a real lesson for us to learn or re-learn with this feast of CHRIST, THE KING OF THE UNIVERSE. Although the Gospel story retells the story of Jesus on the Cross, not a likely picture of a king with power, it sets the stage for teaching us that his kingdom is the reign of God that brings together all the scattered children of the world into one family. Just as Jesus promises paradise to the thief, so he shows his power over especially the reign of sin and evil in this universe. And this Kingdom of God also has so much to give to us, too. n God’s kingdom we are all brothers and sisters with God as our Father, and Jesus as our brother. It is in this kingdom that the fullness will be se

Greetings From Sister Marlita/ Saludos de Sister Marlita

Today is the last Sunday of Ordinary time in our liturgical calendar. Next Sunday, we celebrate the feast of Christ, King of the Universe, just before we begin Advent, and a new liturgical year. So it is a time to take stock of our lives, and examine ourselves to see how much closer we are now than a year ago to being a sincere MISSIONARY DISCIPLE of Jesus, sharing our faith in our lives one day at a time. Paul reminds the first Christians, who thought the second coming of Jesus was very near, that they should not get lazy. He wrote: “If anyone was unwilling to work, neither should that one eat.” That is being very direct and realistic. He is saying in other words: “Do your part, and be conc

Greetings From Sister Marlita/Saludos de Sister Marlita

We all know that being a Christian, a disciple of Jesus, means caring for the less fortunate. While it is true that sometimes we may feel overwhelmed because there are so many needy people for so many different necessities, we can do what we are able to alleviate the poverty of our family and acquaintances, not just a poverty materially, but poverty of mind and heart, too. Following Jesus’s example, we can reach out to those in need, one by one. Helping one person at a time becomes a much more manageable task. We encounter many persons in need on a daily basis. Just imagine if every person reached out to ONE individual each day, how many people could be reached and helped. How? With a liste

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