Gretings From Sister Marlita/ Saludos de Sister Marlita

We are several weeks now into the uncertainty of the pandemic of the coronavirus. Sincerely, I hope that each of you are remaining connected by phone and email with your families and friends, especially those of you who might be more confined and isolated. We are aware that each person is unique; some have a better social connection than others, but each of you is a precious one of God’s and we are concerned about you and your well-being. We are making an effort to be in touch with those of you who may need a bit more assistance than others. Please know that a parish member from St. Thomas the Apostle may be reaching out to you by phone, just to see if you are in need of any essentials, or i

Greetings From Sister Marlita/ Saludos de Sister Marlita

Have you ever heard that “Our God is a God of surprises”? The readings this week help us see that truth in a variety of ways. It is very evident in our first reading where God directs the anointing of a new King of the Israelites. Samuel, the prophet, goes to Bethlehem to anoint one of Jesse’s 8 sons as king, but instead of the oldest, the youngest is chosen, even though he is still a shepherd boy. This would not have been very usual. The people of God were not convinced it was the best choice. Then in the Gospel, Jesus noticed a man blind from birth, so he smeared clay on his eyes, directed him to wash to be able to see, and then went looking for him when he heard that the Pharisees had rej

Greetings From Sister Marlita /Saludos de Sister Marlita

The story of the woman at Jacob’s well and her encounter with Jesus is a very poignant one. It is really a drama in its action, since Jesus draws the woman closer to him, not condemning her, but accepting her as she is. In so doing, Jesus leads her to a personal faith in him, deepening her connection with her true self, and he offers forgiveness for her past sins. Forgiveness is the gateway to return to love. It is not a feeling, but a DECISION we must willingly make when we have been hurt. Forgiveness is a mark of a Christian, because it reveals the supreme expression of love. When we forgive, we are imitating Christ who, through the forgiveness he achieved for us on the cross, gave us free

Greetings From Sister Marlita/ Saludos de Sister Marlita

The Lenten season invites us to reconsider how we are living our Christian life. One of the themes of today’s readings is TRUST. We hear today about two journeys. In the first reading God commands Abram to set out on a journey to a “land that I will show you.” Trusting in God, Abram leaves behind his homeland, his friends, and many of his family as well. Then the Transfiguration of the Gospel occurs in the context of Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem, the place of his suffering and death. We, too, are on our journey of life. In the 2nd reading of Timothy we hear that we are “called to a holy life.” Holiness requires that we commit ourselves to conversion, or change, when we see we are not measurin

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