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Easter Joy

Dear Folks,

Welcome! Our hearts are glad that we can join with you this Easter Season! Just as Jesus joined with the disciples walking on the Road to Emmaus, so all of us as St. Thomas the Apostle are blessed to walk with each other as our lives unfold. The crossroads of our lives occurs each weekend when we join together for the Liturgy, our great prayer of thanksgiving to God for the gift of Jesus. We invite you to rediscover Sunday! Deep inside my heart, I feel that the Holy Spirit led you to this special Body of Christ called St. Thomas on this Easter Sunday. Please, let us be nourished together by God’s very Word; let us eat and drink together at the Sacred Table of Jesus; let us dream great dreams of the kingdom of God being realized in our midst!

He is risen! He is truly risen! Alleluia! These words echo throughout the Christian world today, next Sunday and in the Great Fifty Days ahead, until Pentecost and beyond. We join with Mary of Magdala in proclaiming with all our hearts that Jesus lives. At first, she did not recognize him; but then, he spoke her name and she recognized him. As an Apostle to the Apostles, her relationship to him those three years could never unravel with death. Her heart must have pounded within her as she ran to tell the others that Jesus appeared to her, that the tomb was empty and that he rose, raised up from the dead by the Father’s powerful Spirit of Love.

In our world, in our lives, when so much seems to be unraveling at times, we must remember that God is bound to us with a new bond of love so tight that it can never be undone. Never. The Father is a Person of his Word; God’s Word took flesh, born of Mary and the Holy Spirit, now woven into our lives. Imagine: God woven into a relationship with us that lives unto eternity, because of a Love that cannot die!

This Easter Season and in the days ahead, may we find healing, comfort and joy in pondering the only Gift that matters: that our God is deeply in love with us!

Godspeed, Fr. Dave


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